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US biologists shed light on how deadly virus becomes infectious

CHICAGO (AFP) – – Biologists have mapped how a deadly class of viruses including dengue, West Nile, yellow fever and encephalitis become infectious in a pair of studies published in the journal Science.

“This is possibly the most detailed understanding of how any virus matures,” said study author Michael Rossmann of Purdue University in Indiana.

Rossmann and his colleagues detailed critical structural changes that take place as the dengue virus moves from the inner to the outer portions of its host cell.

The findings pertain to all viruses in the family of flaviviruses which are carried by mosquitoes and ticks.

They found that a protein which coats the genome of the virus particle undergoes large changes in its structure so that it becomes capable of fusing with cell membranes.

This structural change, which occurs as the virus is being secreted from its host, allows the protein to infect other cells rather than attaching itself to its host.

“It’s like a bird being pushed out of the nest and suddenly being able to fly,” Rossmann said in a telephone interview.

This transformation occurs as the virus is exposed to progressively less acidic conditions which change the protein structure in its outer shell.

“This change in acidity was already known, but its impact on the maturation process was not known until these new findings,” Rossmann said.

This discovery could help researchers develop an antiviral treatment for dengue fever, which infects more than 50 million people and kills about 24,000 each year.

“There are a number of places where small drug compounds might interfere with the changes which we describe,” he told AFP.

A vaccine has not yet been developed for dengue fever because multiple exposures can actually increase the risk of developing the more deadly dengue dengue hemorrhagic fever.


The Immune System: The body’s defense department

“West Nile virus disease is a mosquito-borne infection that can cause mild flu-like illness or severe encephalitis. Although chances of a person getting encephalitis are small, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of being bitten by mosquitoes. Encephalitis is a viral infection. Mild cases may include a slight fever and/or headache. More severe infections are marked by a rapid onset of a high fever with head and body aches. Usually symptoms occur from 5 to 15 days after exposure. There is no specific treatment for viral infections, other than to treat the symptoms and provide supportive care. Those who may be most susceptible to encephalitis are the elderly and persons with damaged immune systems.” From the South Dakota Department of Health – Office of Disease Prevention

Your immune system is your bodyguard. It works both pro-actively and protectively to shield you from anything in your world that threatens your life and limb. The immune system is not responsive to drugs for healing. By rebuilding immunity, health is naturally restored and disease disappears. If health and immunity are thereafter conscientiously maintained, the individual is no longer vulnerable to disease. According t o Dr. George C Pack, MD, a cancer specialist at Cornell medical School, almost everyone has cancer cells present at times in our bodies. If our immune system is working properly, these cells are killed or reabsorbed by our defense system before they begin to grow and threaten our health. The only real defense against cancer is the immune system. Everyone gets cancer every day but if the immune system is where it should be those cancer cells are eliminated and we never know it

Boosting the Immune System

David M. Markowitz, M.D.: “Did you know that close to $10 billion was spent on antibiotics in the U.S. last year? Did you know that many bacteria have become increasingly resistant to these drugs and that many drugs are outdated as soon as they are released for use? Have you seen the many articles in Time and Newsweek (and many medical journals) about the variety of plagues caused by infectious agents throughout the world? What can we do to protect ourselves in a safe and natural way against this ever-increasing threat? Have you had a child or patient who has required multiple drugs to deal with one or several ear infections? This is how this threat touches our daily lives. We now have new HOPE . . . literally, hope in a capsule of Transfer Factor!” David M. Markowitz, M.D.

Transfer Factor: natural immune booster
The scientific term “transfer factor” was added to dictionaries in 1956. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines “transfer factor” as “a substance that is produced and secreted by a lymphocyte functioning in cell-mediated immunity and that upon incorporation into a lymphocyte which has not been sensitized confers on it the same immunological specificity as the sensitized cell”. What this all means, is that when immune system cells have battled with specific disease invaders, they produce a substance that transfers a message of warning on to other immune cells. The newly alerted immune cells “remember” the warning message, producing the same substance, alerting other immune cells. Once alerted, the immune cells always “remember” who the specific enemy is, and how to attack it. Because scientists were unable to actually identify this unknown immune stimulating substance, they coined the simple term “transfer factor” to describe it. Every mother (human or mammal) that breast feeds her baby, passes all of the immunity gained throughout her lifetime on to her infant. Transfer factors are not species-specific and can therefore be extracted from any mammal and then be given to another mammal with the same efficacy.

There are over 3,000 published papers and 50 years of research on transfer factors. 4Life ResearchTM has thousands of case reports on the effectiveness of Transfer FactorTM and Transfer Factor PlusTM. There has also been a lab study and a human study done with these products. In addition, the International Transfer Factor Society sponsors an International Symposium every three years on the findings of transfer factor research. VIRUS PENYAKIT SEMAKIN MERBAHAYA


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