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“I’m 37 years old, and two months ago I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.  The pathologist said that he was 95% sure that I had papillary thyroid cancer.  Well, I didn’t believe him.  So he gave the results to two other pathologists on blind study who confirmed that indeed I did have cancer.  I was already following a nutritional program, so on top of that I started taking one Transfer Factor™ three times a day and two Transfer Factor Plus™ three times a day.  I took those on top of my baseline nutritional program for two solid weeks before my operation.  They removed the entire thyroid and they couldn’t find any cancer whatsoever.  By the way, I have the lab results saying that I had cancer, and the follow up lab results stating that I don’t have cancer. I’m really happy with the results.”   – Carlos Peacher

My chemotherapy patients on 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ are feeling much stronger.
Dr. Duane Townsend.

“My name is Helen and I am a breast cancer survivor.  I had to pace myself with every task I undertook.  I wash my hair every day and always had to pause to rest while blowing my hair dry and I have very short hair.  I went on Transfer Factor Plus™. After 11 days, I no longer needed to rest drying my hair.  On the 12th day I went to a wedding.  I danced most of the evening and the only thing sore were my toes due the fact that I hadn’t worn high-heeled shoes for so long.  Now when my partner and I take the dog out for a walk I really have to watch my pace because quite often I’ll hear; “Helen slow down the dog and I can’t keep up.”  I feel great and have energy to burn and friends now say I have a certain ‘glow’ about me.”  Helen

My secretary has had 3 major cancer surgeries, and as a result was sleepy and run down. After 48 hours of taking 4Life™ Transfer Factor™, she is energetic and able to function again.  Manley L.

Duane Townsend, M.D.  OB/GYN & Oncologist  “I’m a cancer physician. I primarily treat female cancer and certainly encourage my patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy to take Transfer Factor™.  It helps to modulate the immune system. I have patients with chronic herpes infections who are taking Transfer Factor™ on a regular basis and it’s reducing the number of outbreaks.  I’ve also had patients with chronic yeast infections, and the Transfer Factor™ has reduced their infections as well. Transfer Factor™ is a science-based product with excellent data from a variety of researchers,”

Mary’s Story:  “I’m a 49-year-old woman and my cancer started when I was 17 years of age. And today I can finally say thank you to God and 4Life for giving me back my life.  In February of 1999, I was diagnosed with cancer once again and this time it was in my lungs. I had decided not to take chemotherapy.  I had already had two bouts of it aggressively and I didn’t want it any more.  And I opted not to take any of the cancer drugs.  Then the cancer decided to attack my bones and spine.  In September, the doctors told me that my days were very limited.  I had heard about Transfer Factor, and in October I had started taking it.  My normal days consisted of 18 hours in bed.  Walking and eating were very difficult for me.  I ran high fevers constantly, with vomiting maybe 8 to 10 times a day.  I had started taking Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Plus in October.  Linda Holston and Dr. Rob worked together and they said to start out on 3 Transfer Factor and 2 Transfer Factor Plus, which I did.  I began to see an immediate improvement, then when we received the press release from Dr. See, regarding the increase of the NK cells, I bumped up the dosage.  I became ill again and Dr. Rob said to cut back down.  I went back down and decided to increase daily, which I did. November the 18th, 1999, I went to the doctor and I received a phone call that evening telling me that every x-ray and every blood count test that they took was completely normal, and there were no signs of cancer.  I asked him if he was sure that it was my test and he said yes, and that everything had been tested four times by three different doctors.  Today I have my life, my family and my son is going to have a mother that he is going to be able to grow up with. I thank Transfer Factor and all the doctors for everything that they have done, and I advise anyone who has any type of disease to get on Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Plus immediately.  And for children, keep them on Transfer Factor just as an extra protection with so many diseases around.”  Mary L.

Sharon Stoller in Texas: “My husband had been battling cancer for about 2 years now and his prognosis was not good.  He’s had cancer for several years prior to being diagnosed, and wasn’t really expected to survive.  He’s endured two rounds of chemo, and his cancer returned in 6 months.  He had to go for more chemo that was even more grueling than his first treatment and it completely devastated his immune system.  He was ill all the time and continued to experience symptoms of his illness, including bleeding from the portion of the tumor that was not able to be surgically removed, as well as overall body pain and fatigue.  Within 24 hour of starting Transfer Factor Plus he said he felt just a dramatic increase in his energy level and a diminished body pain.  And within 72 hours of taking Transfer Factor Plus his bleeding had stopped.  The most exciting thing of all is that his tumor has started to shrink and he has been on Transfer Factor only since this past August and he is now in his 11 month of being cancer free.  The only set back that we have had is when we ran out of Transfer Factor Plus and his bleeding started up right away again. Within 24 hours of restarting the Transfer Factor Plus, the bleeding stopped and we decided that we would never be without this miracle product again.  We have put our children on it.  I am pregnant and taking Transfer Factor, not the Plus.  My daughter’s allergies have vanished and no one has had a cold or sniffle or anything since we started this.  It really is a fabulous product and I encourage everyone to get on it and get your kids on it.” Sharon S.

Dena’s Transfer Factor Story     En Español

My name is Dena Guidice, and I want to share with you how Transfer Factor™ has saved my life.  In November of 1998, I was diagnosed with lung cancer.  At that time, my team of doctors recommended that the best course of treatment for my cancer would be to perform radiation and chemotherapy simultaneously.  I got started with both treatments immediately and was given the highest dosages of treatment possible.  Over the next 90 days, I suffered from all of the normal side effects including weakness, vomiting, hair loss & severe weight loss.  My radiation and chemo treatments ended late February 1999.

On March 25th, 1999, I went in for surgery (as planned), and the doctors removed a tumor from my right lung along with the top 1/3rd of my lung and three sections of my ribs.  The surgery went very well, and the doctors believed that they had successfully removed all of the cancer from my body.  After my surgery, I went through an additional 12 weeks of chemotherapy from May to July 1999, as a “safety measure.”  It was during this time that my body became so weak that all I could do was sleep and lie in bed all day.  I lost all of my hair at this point, and my fingernails and teeth became so brittle I started to lose them as well.  I lost my appetite completely and got to the point where I weighed only 88 pounds.

Even as sick as I was in the summer, I was still hopeful that by fall I would get stronger after the chemotherapy was out of my system.  My hope was short lived, however.  In August, I found a lump under my left arm.  After another surgery to remove that tumor, the tests confirmed that I had malignant lymphatic cancer (cancer of the lymph nodes) and that the cancer was all over my whole body.  At that point in time, my team of doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me.  I had stage 4 (final stage) cancer and I had a maximum of 4 to 6 months to live. They told me to do everything I’ve always wanted to do in life within the next 45-60 days because after that, I would be much too weak and too sick to do anything whatsoever.  By this time, I was convinced that I was going to die – especially since the doctors had never seen a person live beyond 8 months, in my condition with my kind of cancer.

At this point, I shared the devastating news with my kids, and we all took a trip to Hawaii.  In my own mind, I knew that this would be my “farewell trip.”  I had given up every ounce of hope, and I had mentally prepared myself to die.  It was at this time (1st week in October) that my son finally convinced me to start taking Transfer Factor.  In my mind, I was 100% convinced that it wouldn’t do anything for me, but nonetheless, I started taking six Transfer Factors Plus and six regular Transfer Factor capsules every day.  Within 30 days, I started to feel a little stronger and regained my appetite, but I still believed in my mind that my life was soon to be over.  I kept taking the product. By January 2000, about 90 days after starting on Transfer Factor, I found myself even stronger and had gained back 7 pounds.

I continued taking Transfer Factor every day.  It’s now been 7 months since I started taking Transfer Factor (May 2000).  I’ve now gained a total of 26 pounds and I feel healthier than I’ve felt in over 2 years.  I just went to see my doctor 2 weeks ago, and he said that, “I’m a living Miracle” and that I have no signs of cancer.  Transfer Factor has not only saved my life, it has given me hope for tomorrow and the years ahead.

TF & TF+
Sept. ’99 Weighing 88 pounds – in Hawaii with family members.
TF & TF+
April 2000 – weighing 114
pounds.  “You would never
guess that I was suppose to
die over 3 months ago.”

The following information has not been evaluated by the FDA or by 4Life™ Research.  We do not claim that 4Life™ products directly prevent, or cure any disease.  We do not suggest that anyone should replace traditional medical treatment with our products.  4Life™ products are promoted for their ability to enhance the effectiveness of our natural immune system functions.  On this web site you will be exposed to many testimonies and nutritional ideas. We encourage you to use common sense and prudence in evaluating testimonies.  Testimonies can be based on “placebo effects,” which basically means that you can experience temporary results just because you really believe you will.  Research can be complicated to translate into real life situations.  Even medical doctors may disagree on certain subjects.  It is our desire to expose you to many different ideas for your consideration.  Our focus is on supporting the immune system, which can assist your body in the healing process.  The testimonies and information on this web site only represent the opinions of the individuals involved.  We encourage you to use common sense in your expectations in consuming any nutritional product.

The immune system is our defense against disease.  The immune system is the actual agent involved in healing or recovering from an illness.  There are nutrients that we believe can support proper immune functions.  It is not our intent to indicate that nutrition can always cause the immune system to prevent all illness or any particular illness.  Nor, is it our intent to indicate that nutrition can always cause the immune system to heal us when we are ill.  However, we do believe that individual research indicates nutrition is important for a healthy and responsive immune system.  A healthy immune system can in some instances, prevent illness and heal us of disease.  Our testimonies are provided to give a general idea of what customers believe is helping their immune systems become healthy and responsive.


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