The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It
by Marcia Angell  M.D, Former New England Journal of Medicine

A political tidal wave is building which will forever change both the industry and many of its infamous business practices. It is sad to note that the drug industry today is equally poorly regarded as the tobacco companies, and this is a testament not only to the shortsighted foolishness of their management, but also to the fact that you can fool some of the customer some of the time, but not all of them all the time.

Medical Journal Changes Policy of Finding Independent Doctors to Write – June 2002: The New England Journal of Medicine will announce that it has given up finding truly independent doctors to write and review articles and editorials for it, as a result of the financial ties physicians have with so many drug companies in the United States The Journal says the drug companies’ reach is just too deep. In 2000, the drug industry sponsored more than 314,000 events for physicians — everything from luncheons to getaway weekends — at a cost of almost $2 billion. On top of that, many doctors accept speaking and consulting fees that link them to drug companies.  Now, the Journal will allow these critical evaluations to be written by people with financial ties to drug companies.

What Doctors Don’t Tell You : The Truth About the Dangers of Modern Medicine by Lynne McTaggart Americans have become so accustomed to following doctors’ orders that many prescriptions, medical tests, and surgical procedures are accepted without question. This blind faith can be dangerous! Modern medicine offers us a wide range of powerful treatments for ailments large and small. But did you know that some common “cures” come with serious, life-threatening risks, or may do nothing at all? This groundbreaking book, written by an investigative journalist, exposes questionable, harmful, often life-threatening medical practices which all consumers should be aware of, including treatments for asthma and arthritis, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and heart surgery.


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