Dear Team,

I wanted to send out a newsletter before I leave to work in India.  I will be gone for two months but will be checking email as much as possible if you need to get in touch with me.  I could not think of a better newsletter to send than Mike Akins’ “Recipe for Ultimate Success.”  If you have not read it, you are in for a thought provoking treat.  If you have, it is well worth reading again.

Mike Akins’ Recipe for Achieving Your Ultimate Success in 2008.

I would like to take this moment in time to say thank you for being a part of our quest in 2007.  Because of you and people like you, thousands of individuals are healthier.  There are individuals that would have been dead if it were not for transfer factors.  I know several of them personally.  I know of cancer patients, whose odds of survival were very small because of their age and the state of their immune systems.  To see individuals like this still living and see their loved ones still enjoying their fellowship is such a blessing.

I experienced this with my daughter Angelia.  Her mother died of an aggressive ovarian cancer when she was 32 and Angelia about 12.  We did everything known to science with the best medical help in the country for Joan but nothing could save her life.  Angelia watched her mother die a very excruciating death.  This was so traumatic for her that it filled her heart with fear that it could someday happen to her.  Every member of Angelia’s family tree that developed this cancer, died.

Twenty years later Angelia developed ovarian cancer.  A tumor 9-10 inches in diameter was removed from her.  My baby might die just like her mother and other family members.  Again we did everything we did for her mother but with one addition, transfer factors.  The doctor was amazed at how Angelia’s immune system stayed so strong.  Angelia pulled through and today still drops tears as she thanks me for finding a way to keep her alive.

So many people that were suffering extreme pain have found relief.  I know what it was like to have my precious mother rocking in her rocking chair crying day after day with the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathy.  Her pain was so intense that the doctor placed her on morphine.  How heart-moving it has been to see her laugh and be herself without pain for the past several years.

The testimonies go on and on.  You are part of other people’s miracles.  Anyone that you have been involved in assisting them to learn about transfer factors makes you a part of their miracle.  Why do I refer to it as a miracle?

A miracle to an individual is something positive happening in that person’s life that is outside their reach.  You might say that no one you know has had such a major victory.  Think about it. 

Could there be someone you have connected with transfer factors that doesn’t have a major health crisis that may have had one if they were not on transfer factors?  Very possibly!  It might even be you, or your loved ones that are the fortunate ones.

You might think that all you do is order product for yourself so what have you done that is so great?  Well thank you for ordering the products.  We earn a bonus on your orders.  What is so great about this?  Well 35% of every dollar we earn goes to help someone stay alive or escape terrible pain.  60% of every dollar we (Professional Networkers) earn goes to support distributors around the world.

By ordering your product these past years, you helped a person with brain cancer live far beyond what was predicted by his doctors.  You helped a mother with cancer throughout her body live many years beyond the few months given her by her doctors.  You help a small child survive a life threatening condition.  You paid for air conditioning for a man that is 80+years old and could not afford to cool his wife and himself in 105 degree temperatures.  You helped a lady that was so ill she couldn’t walk or even talk, or laugh.  You helped a 3 year old girl that developed autism, live a normal life.  You helped a number of elderly people living on $600 or $700 per month, develop an income with our support.  The list goes on and on.  Even a simple purchase of product affects lives when you are a part of Professional Networkers’ organization.

As we look to the New Year, I encourage you not to be restrained by the experiences of the past year.  If you have experienced success, don’t let this success set boundaries in your mind for success in 2008.  Don’t limit your future by your past.  If you have experienced less than what you expected, don’t imprison yourself by your past experiences.  There are too many variables in life to determine the future by the past.

The year before Dave Daughtrey got involved in 4Life, he had experienced one of his worst years.  Little did he know that a phone call from Ray Heron would change his life–at least for the past ten years.  He was living on a friend’s couch without a car.  Now he enjoys a 6 figure monthly income.

Little did Rosado know at the time, his past year as a security guard was the last year of a life of financial struggle.  Now he earns more than the President of the United States.

On December 31, 2006 Steve McKelvey was a grassroots distributor slowly working his way forward.  He wasn’t sure that he would ever experience great success.  Like most grassroots distributors he was struggling, working hard, taking two steps forward and one step back.  Now, a year later he has more than 60,000 LP in his down-line with an International Diamond, several Presidential Diamonds and many Diamonds scattered from India, Africa, South America, Europe and the USA.  I wonder what Steve’s dream is for this year?

I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that you have in your hands. Don’t let anything steal the potential of this opportunity and blessing for you and your loved ones.  Let’s journey together to review what you have within your reach.




1.      A product that is unparalleled in the nutritional industry.  There are fruit drinks that claim the creation of a new category of nutrition.  Humorous!  Transfer Factors created the only new category accessible to the public in the nutritional industry for the past 20 years.  Transfer factors affect one’s health from a completely new pathway than any other nutrient.  Transfer factors store information, communicate this information and regulate a number of body systems that control your health.  We are the only company in network marketing that has this product.

2.     You have a compensation plan that in actual dollars, compared to the wholesale dollars pays more than anyone else and pays it in the right places.  Look at the potential money that a start up distributor can earn: Power Pool, 25% Rapid Reward, 25% second level bonus, 25% preferred customer bonus and 25% over your 100 LP monthly order.  Sixteen in-depth bonuses.  WOW!  We are strong on start-up money and very strong on long-term security.

3.     A company that is based on humanitarian hearts.  Why is this important?  Because you and I are humans.  I want an executive management that cares about us beyond what we can do for them on a temporal basis.  I want them to consider our futures when making decisions.  I don’t want them to sell out to some holding company or pharmaceutical company like Changes Intl, Enrich and Rexal Showcase did only to find the distributors losing years of invested lives.

4.     You have the Professional Networkers’ staff.  No one in the history of network marketing has ever had anything like this.  Dozens of experienced staff members working throughout the world for you.  Providing free websites and IT support, graphics departmental support, a research staff, fulfillment center that designs and mails literature for you throughout the world, 3-way phone support throughout the world, a problem solving staff working for you and your distributors, a leader with 40 years experience, staff members with the experience and talents of Platinums at your service, as a grassroots distributor.  Ask grassroots distributor Ivan Walkins what if feel like to have $100,000.00 invested in his down-line having our staff traveling and sponsoring dozens of doctors and some of the best leaders in the world under him.  You have support that an experienced leader, Ray Heron once said is a dream paradise for networkers.


Open up your mind and let your dreams become reality.  This next year, 2008 could be the pivotal point that changes your life forever.  At the least, it will be a stepping stone of learning and gaining experience that will lead you to your rainbow of success.  I encourage you to use the past as a springboard to future greatness.  Don’t let other people’s mistakes discourage you.  Don’t let your own shortcomings rob you of what the future may have waiting for you.  Be tolerant, stand firmly in faith, learn from the past, approach your future with hope and don’t let any circumstance or any person or any thought rob you of the life that you and your loved ones deserve.  All the best.  Be  blessed.  Love, Mike




The starting point of great success and achievement has always been the same. It is for you to dream big dreams. There is nothing more important, and nothing that works faster for you to cast off your own limitations, than for you to begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things you can become, have, and do.      — Brian Tracy

 (And may I humbly add…And when you help and show others what they can become, have, and do…)


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