Transfer factors and the Cardiovascular systemScientific American: “Heart Disease Begins With a Dysfunctional Immune System”
The science of transfer factors is rapidly expanding. Technology is increasing quickly. Recently, scientists have found that heart disease begins with a dysfunctional immune system. Germs hide in the arterial lining causing an immune system reaction. The immune system secretes chemicals to trap the germs and this leads to inflammation. Cholesterol builds up in the inflammation and creates a blockage that leads to a heart attack.

Transfer Factor Cardio: A Revolutionary Approach
Scientists have developed the patented technology of targeting transfer factors to a specific condition. TF Cardio contains targeted transfer factors that can direct the immune system to the very source of the problem. Suppressors in the targeted transfer factors suppress the overreacting cells that cause inflammation. In other words TF Cardio goes directly to the source of the dysfunctional immune system. More than one million people die each year from heart disease. Doctors have found that millions of people that were believed to be healthy are in the beginning stages of heart disease, even children as young as 16 years old.

TF Cardio provides comprehensive support for the cardiovascular system. In addition to promoting specific system support with the power of Targeted Transfer Factor, it contains additional ingredients such as magnesium, arginate, red rice yeast extract, B vitamins and antioxidants to help support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels—all necessary for healthy cardiac function.

C.K. Benny Foo, M.D. – “My mum is 89 years young and suffers from ischaemic heart disease and congestive cardiac failure. Her main complaints were severe shortness of breath on mild exertion, and coughing. She had to be wheeled around whenever we took her for an outing. I took two bottles of TF Cardio home to Australia from the 2002 International Convention and started my mum on 2 capsules twice a day. After only three weeks she noticed some improvement in her breathing. After only 5 weeks she said the new capsules we brought back were #1, indicating with her right thumb up. Now she is able to walk further with much less shortness of breath. In mid-October we took her to Werribbee Zoo and brought the wheel chair along for her to use. After a short journey in the wheel chair she decided to walk by herself. We tried to dissuade her and told her that the walk would be too much for her heart. She insisted, and so we relented and let her push the wheelchair around the zoo. She completed the walk around the zoo with no shortness of breath! She has derived other benefits from taking TF Cardio, both her appetite and weight have increased! We are extremely happy TF Cardio has helped her. We strongly recommend TF Cardio for anyone with cardiovascular problems.”

“In October 2002 I had a C-reactive Protein test (CRP) done to measure the level of inflammation in my artery walls after having read a number of articles indicating this type of inflammation as being the root cause of heart attacks. My CRP reading was 7.9, with 8.7 being about the highest and worst one can have. This test showed I was at very high risk of having a heart attack. One physician I shared this with commented, in front of a large audience, that if my CRP reading stayed at that level, I was virtually guaranteed to have a heart attack. From the day I received my CRP test results, to this day, I have consumed 4 TF Cardio daily. At the end of February, 2003, I had the CRP level checked again. In just four short months of consuming TF Cardio, I am now close to having the BEST level one could have, 1.1. The lowest and best reading on the chart is 1.0! I believe our TF Cardio product most likely saved my life.” Richard Helgeland, Washington


HUBUNGI SAYA DI 0163581794/0163153132 IBRAHIM


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