4Life™ News Brief:
Independent Bio-Assay Overview
December 11, 1998
Salt Lake City, UT – 4Life Research, a Provo, Utah research and development company released its latest assaying
and testing for its new 4Life Transfer Factor™ product.
Transfer factor is a scientifically recognized delivery system for transferring immune system advantages from one
species to another. In the patented process licensed to 4Life, immune factors are generated in cows and then
“transferred” as a nutritional supplement to humans. Products manufactured incorporating the process are
anticipated by industry experts to be the “next wave” of nutritional supplementation, operating in the newly defined
area of “structure/function” claims. Dr. William Hennen, who is one of the world authorities on transfer factor, says
of the science and technology: “Transfer factor is a material that has the ability to modulate the immune system.
4Life Transfer Factor™ contains both materials that help the immune system respond more effectively and materials
to make sure the immune system is not over-responding.”
4Life’s founder and president, David Lisonbee said, “4Life has an agreement with the patent inventors to market
transfer factor. United States Patent No. 4,816,563, issued on March 28, 1989, is licensed to 4Life. This patent
describes the proprietary process used by 4Life to create its unique Transfer Factor™.
The only patent 4Life is aware of which identifies transfer factor in colostrum, the process for obtaining transfer
factor from colostrum and whey, and the patented method “to further concentrate and/or purify transfer factor” from
colostrum, is the one licensed to 4Life. It is United States Patent No. 4,816,563.
Laboratory Testing of 4Life’s Transfer Factor™
According to William Hennen, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development at 4Life, “Each and every batch
of Transfer Factor™ is tested by an independent laboratory with established, documented credentials in assessing
for transfer factor activity. Very few laboratories have the experience or credentials to assay for TF activity. We go
to great lengths to assure the quality of transfer factor in our product. This is the reason our distributors are
consistently having such great success with Transfer Factor™. From infants to the elderly, reports keep coming in
every day with results that have matched or exceeded our every expectation. Transfer factor has nearly 50 years of
research and over 3,000 clinical studies and scientific papers proving its existence and effectiveness. Our licensed
patent proved for the first time that transfer factor exists in colostrum and that it can be successfully extracted and
Independent Laboratories Show Transfer Factor Activity in 4Life’s Transfer Factor™
Independent laboratory tests clearly indicate that 4Life’s Transfer Factor™ shows significant transfer factor activity equal to
the effectiveness of the standard vaccine.
The biological and chemical testing laboratory, BioLogics Inc. states the following regarding 4Life’s Transfer Factor™:
“BioLogics Inc. has completed testing the preparations of bovine colostrum you sent for evaluation for TF (transfer factor)
activity. Each preparation was evaluated for TF activity using a mouse foot- pad assay which measures delayed-type
hypersensitivity (DTH). The results are shown below. A preparation was considered active if it induced significant DTH
(p<0.005 or better) as compared to the response to [an] antigen in control mice which were naive (not treated with TF).”
Preparation tested Transfer Factor Transfer Factor
Presence Active
Vaccinated Controls 0.01>P>0.001 YES (P<0.01) Very Active
Mice injected with standard
antigen vaccine
Colostrum Fraction 0.20>P>0.10 NO (P>0.10) Failed
Normally fractionated colostrum
4Life Transfer Factor™ 0.01>P>0.001 YES (P<0.01) Very Active
Patented extract of colostrum
“Further, it is critical to understand that a proper transfer factor assay includes both a zero-point standard and a high-end
standard (to set the span of the scale.) The zero-point standard accounts for the nutritional value of the transfer factor
preparation and is represented by the fractionated colostrum listed in the second row above. A vaccinated control is the
GOLD STANDARD for establishing the high-end of the immunological scale as represented in the first row.
As was clearly shown, 4Life’s Transfer Factor™ was not only measurably more potent than the normal colostrum of the
second row, it was equal to the vaccine standard in causing a strong immune response,” stated Dr. Hennen.
Top Transfer Factor Researcher Tests 4Life’s Transfer Factor™
One of the world’s leading TF researchers has also tested 4Life’s Transfer Factor™ using a mouse foot-pad assay.
“Three different colostrum extracts were tested, one of which was 4Life’s Transfer Factor™. 4Life’s Transfer Factor™ tested
highest in TF activity of any of the samples tested.”
Molecular Weight Laboratory Testing of 4Life’s Transfer Factor™
An independent laboratory experienced in molecular weight analysis tested samples of 4Life’s Transfer Factor™ and found it
to contain exactly what 4Life claims it contains: Molecules in the molecular weight of 10,000 daltons or less. Bay
Bioanalytical Laboratory, Inc. stated in their report:
“[We] have reviewed the analysis of [4Life’s] Transfer Factor performed in our laboratory using HPLC and a size exclusion
column coupled with a light scattering, refractive index and a UV detector. Based on our analysis we can conclude [that] the
analyzed fraction is composed primarily of molecules below 10,000 [daltons] molecular weight.”
Bay Bioanalytical Laboratory, Inc.


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