“Heart Disease Begins With a Dysfunctional Immune System”
Scientific American Magazine

Scientific American states: Scientists now agree that inflammation fuels the development and progression of artherosclerosis: the dangerous accumulation of fat – laden deposits, or plaques, in the arteries. The old view- that fat builds up on passive artery walls- is no longer tenable. Read Complete Article **PDF file

TF Cardio: A Revolutionary Approach

Recently, scientists have found that heart disease begins with a dysfunctional immune system. Germs hide in the arterial lining causing an immune system reaction. The immune system secretes chemicals to trap the germs and this leads to inflammation. Cholesterol builds up in the inflammation and creates a blockage that leads to a heart attack.

Scientists at 4Life Research have developed the patented technology of targeting transfer factors to a specific condition. TF Cardio contains targeted transfer factors that can direct the immune system to the very source of the problem

How and Why does it work? Suppressors in the targeted transfer factors suppress the overreacting cells that cause inflammation. In other words TF Cardio goes directly to the source of the dysfunctional immune system. More than one million people die each year from heart disease.

Doctors have found that millions of people that were believed to be healthy are in the beginning stages of heart disease, even children as young as 16 years old.

Get to the root of the problem: Arm your immune system with Transfer Factor Cardio: Our transfer factors are targeted to recognize the germ hiding in the arterial lining that causes inflammation and creates a blockage.

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