Why 4Life™ Research?

Only a few times in a lifetime does a program come along that contains all of the necessary factors that will provide an outstanding opportunity to succeed! Mike Akins selected this program after investing one half million dollars into an extensive study of the industry. An independent marketing and research firm carefully examined more than 300 programs. Forty years of network marketing history were researched. 4Life™ Research was selected as the #1 opportunity in the world. “In my career of more than three decades, I have not seen as great an opportunity as what I find in 4Life™ Research.” – Mike Akins

A Scientific Breakthrough

Transfer Factor represents a complete new paradigm in this industry. In the past 50 years there has only been five network marketing companies that have introduced a new paradigm product into this industry. All of these companies are now BILLION-DOLLAR programs. This is your chance to be a part of a solid foundation to such a program!

4Life™ Research is the company that can provide the vision, experience, and security that we need to build with confidence. The 4Life™ Compensation Plan will allow the greatest number of participants to earn their fair share of the money.

Mike’s half million-dollar study discovered an equation for success with certain factors that are necessary for maximum success. 4Life™ was selected according to this formula. The following is an overview of these factors and how 4Life™ fulfills this criteria.

Selecting the Right Company

The network marketing industry is booming, with more than 50,000 people entering the industry each week. According to a Money Maker’s Monthly survey, there are approximately 11 million individuals involved in the industry. The first, and possibly the most important, step in developing a successful business is selecting the right program and support group. All of the systems and personal effort in the world will not be of value to you if the company you select goes out of business. There are certain aspects of a company and program that can hinder or enhance the distributors’ chances for success.

The industry is full of paradoxes. On one hand you have many testimonies of “rags to riches,” and on the other hand you have a vast number of network marketers who are frustrated, wandering from one program to another, trying to find a program that will work for them. Another paradox in this lucrative, exploding industry is the great number of network marketing companies that go out of business within the first five years. For a majority of marketers, the journey to success is like moving through a minefield. During my career of more than 30 years, I have found that there are certain dynamics involved in our industry that will affect your pursuit of success. It can be of great value to know these factors so that you can avoid these pitfalls. Based on these dynamics, 4Life™ was selected from a study of more than 300 programs.

Company Leadership

The type of corporate leadership behind the program will have a great influence on your success. A successful company will have leaders who provide the distributorship with security and effective leadership. Effective leadership will provide adequate financing, have systems in place that will support the “grassroots” distributors, create product strategy that addresses the paradigm of the current market, be responsive to market trends, address the concerns of the distributors, provide efficient logistic services, be prepared to address challenges quickly and effectively, and maintain adequate inventories. With only 29 network marketing companies surviving more than ten years, out of more than 2000 companies that have started during the past 40 years, effective leadership becomes a major concern. With this company, we are fortunate because its founder, David Lisonbee, has an established “track record.” In the 1970’s, David helped launch Nature’s Sunshine internationally. Nature’s Sunshine is now a billion-dollar company. David was the co-founder of Enrich, a sixteen-year-old network marketing company, which reached $100 million in annual gross sales under his leadership. Every company that Mr. Lisonbee has touched in the past 25 years has turned to gold. David has proven that he has the business skills and talented leadership necessary to guide our company to unprecedented success. Mike is convinced that David, his wife, and the management team that he has selected have the vision, experience, integrity, and strategy to lead us to long-term success. Check out the “Corporate Leaders Page.”

Product Philosophy

4Life™ has a very aggressive strategy for product research & development. The right product strategy is important to the success of the networker. Product strategy should have a two-fold focus. First, you need a flagship product that is somewhat exclusive, effective and a “door opener.” The more exclusive the flagship product is the easier it is for the grassroots distributor to make a sale. The more effective the products are the higher the retention rate will be. Once the hype wears off, effectiveness is paramount. Although initially, programs build faster with a small focused line of products, eventually diversification can be important for transfer buying. 4Life™’s flagship product, Transfer Factor Plus, represents a complete new paradigm in this industry. With transfer factor, we have an exclusive product that is unique, highly effective and has the potential for a very broad market appeal.

In the network marketing industry, Transfer Factor is unique in that it has a very broad and diversified foundation of research. Scientists from more than 70 nations over a 50 year period have labored in unlocking the wonders of transfer factors. Transfer Factor is widely endorsed by medical doctors and is listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference in the USA. Our company has a full-time research and product development division, staffed by world-renowned microbiologists. Our company manufactures the highest quality of products according to very strick standards.

Compensation Strategy

Success for the company does not always equal success for the networker. How the proceeds are proportioned will determine the boundaries of your success. Traditionally, companies have placed the majority of the commissions deep within the pay structure so that they do not have to pay out the full potential of the plan, or pay it quickly. This practice has led to an industry-wide attrition problem that undermines the viability of the industry. Traditional programs pay out five and ten percents for the first six or seven levels. With these percentages, it requires 10-15 purchasers in your organization for you to break-even on your qualifying purchase. This equation guarantees that 85% of your distributors will never get into profit. Since this is a percentage factor, the problem only worsens as the organization gets larger.

In reaction to the flaws in traditional pay plans, a number of companies have placed too much money in the front end of the program. This imbalance of investment has lead to other challenges that have threatened the security of these programs. Be sure to examine a complete analysis in my synopsis “The Science Behind the Pay Plan“, and “Cold Facts Exposed” found on the Compensation Plan link.

The “cards are stacked” against the majority of distributors. Our company provides the most balanced compensation program in the industry. Balance is the key to success. Our company has taken a revolutionary approach, paying a 25% fast start bonus with a permanent 25% second level bonus. In our company, it only requires four purchasers to break-even instead of the traditional 10-15 purchasers. This approach will have a major impact on attrition, ensuring a long-term residual income as well as access to an immediate income, allowing you to build your business with the profits that it generates, instead of with your paycheck, credit cards, or your savings. Our company has created a balanced pay plan that is fair and equitable.

Credibility and Company Support

Our company provides an unusual amount of support for its distributors. The toll-free messages and conference calls are very powerful. The technological support provided by our company is state-of-the-art. Our company has been able to attract a great number of renowned medical specialists. Distributors can “ride” on this credibility wave, which will have a dramatic effect on your capacity to attract networkers and leaders throughout the industry. The company opportunity has attracted a great number of network marketing leaders that will add to the overall credibility of the opportunity. As the industry observes the “tidal wave” of leadership growth, the momentum will build. If you act now you can be in front of the “tidal wave!”

Upline Support and Training

In spite of a great product, pay plan and company, very few marketers can become successful without effective upline support and training. In 1975 Mike Akins formed Professional Networkers, a full-time staff of experienced consultants to train and service his downline partners. Over the years this staff has grown to 30+ full-time networkers. Can you image the impact of having 30+ experienced leaders focused on assisting each and every member of your organization? Mike and Professional Networkers provide training and support that is unparalleled in this industry. Mike was recently referred to as “The Greatest Networker in the World” by one of the top trade publications in this industry. Check out the link “Why Professional Networkers”.



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