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Dr. Benny Foo

There is so much we can do and need to do. I honestly feel that Transfer Factor is needed by everyone everywhere. Because people don’t know about it therefore they are not taking TF products to enhance their immune system.

In all honesty in my 43 years of medical practice I have never come across any pharmaceutical or nutriceutical products like Transfer Factor products that will help us to get well and stay well. I have committed myself to take on this mission to share Transfer Factor with everyone I meet directly or indirectly through you. Come and join with me on this exciting mission to reduce the suffering of our fellow human beings.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you and share with you my vision.

Dr Benny Foo

MBBS ( Melbourne), M App Sc (RMIT University)
FAMAC, Dip Orthomolecular Nutrition

Dr Foo is a medical (MBBS) doctor who has practiced for more than 40 years in Malaysia, Singapore and in Australia. He is also the President of the Australian Chinese Medical Association of Victoria, and is on the Course Advisory Committee in Chinese Medicine in RMIT University, Senior Lecturer & Course Director of Acupunture Foundation of Australia, Past President of Australian Medical Acupunture College.

Dr Tutelian

“Transfer Factor is the most promising breakthrough in health care discovered in the past several decades. We are just beginning to explore all of the potential of transfer factors. Neutriceuticals like TF are the wave of the future.” Dr. Victor Tutelian, MD, MPH

In addition to earning his M.D, Ph.D. and Doctorate of Medical Science, Dr. Tutelian has also achieved the rank of a Professor and has authored more than 400 scientific publications and more than 40 federal regulations. Dr. Tutelian also received the highest recognition for a Russian scientist when he was voted into the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), Russia’s most prestigious academy, as an Academician. He now serves as the Chief Scientific Secretary of RAMS. In this position he determines what research will be done and which projects will be government funded. Currently, Dr. Tutelian also holds the positions of Director of the RAMS Institute of Nutrition, head of the Institute’s enzymology laboratory and the department of Nutrition Hygiene and Toxicology of the Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy, as well as numerous other positions on the scientific and editorial boards.

Note: Dr. Tutelian receives no incentive of any kind from 4-Life Research to say this. His influence in Russia is somewhat equivalent to our FDA Director’s.

Listen to the Doctors speak about Transfer Factor here on audio file

Dr Duane Townsend

“I’m a cancer physician. I primarily treat female cancer and certainly encourage my patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy to take transfer factor. It helps to modulate the immune system and is great for overall health. I have patients with chronic herpes infections who are taking transfer factor on a regular basis. These patients have reported a reduction in the number of outbreaks. I’ve also had patients with chronic yeast infections consuming transfer factor and are reporting improvement as well. Transfer factor is a science-based product with excellent data from a variety of researchers.” Duane Townsend, MD

Dr. Townsend has had more than 32 years of distinguished experience in the medical field. He pioneered a surgical technique for the treatment of pre-malignant disease of the uterine cervix. In addition, he has authored more than 90 scientific papers in peer review journals as well as over 15 chapters in research books.
**The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.

“I believe transfer factor is, without a doubt, the greatest discovery of the century in supporting and modulating the immune system. I believe a strengthened immune system will be the primary way to stay well in the future. This nutrient can affect the immune system like nothing else can. I sincerely believe everyone needs to consume this product.” Rob Robertson, MD

Dr. Robertson is a former Emergency Room Physician who partnered his future with this company because of his excitement about transfer factor. He received his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1974. He served as the Director of Emergency Services at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah, KY.
**The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.

“I have now completed a retrospective study comparing children in our practice with those who did not use transfer factor during the same period. Eighty-seven children, age 8 months through 9 years, used transfer factor. We found 74% less reported illness and 84% less reported use of antibiotics.” David Markowitz, M.D.

Dr. Markowitz is a pediatrician in Kennebunk, ME with a patient base of 4,500 children and has served as the Senior Pediatrician in a Private Pediatric Practice for 19 years. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Rochester in New York. He received his medical degree, general Pediatric training, and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington, Connecticut.
**The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.

“Transfer factor’s are the most exciting discovery in immunology. As the 21st century unfolds, transfer factor will be one of our greatest keys to health and well being.” William Hennen, PhD

Dr. Hennen, Vice President of Research and Development at for our company, is a biochemist with thirteen years of experience as a researcher in drug design and development. He also worked for eight years as a consultant and research director in the nutritional supplement industry.
**The above individual is a paid staff member.

“There is no other product in a nutritional substance, NOR a drug, that has this kind of power and ability to affect our immune system. With the increase of killer viruses, mutated germs, super-resistant germs, and food contaminations, our only hope and defense, must lie within our own immune system.” Darryl See, MD

Dr. See received his degree from the University of California, Irvine. Academic appointments include: Assistant/Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine: Investigator, California Collaborative Treatment Group: and Infectious Disease Consultant, Liver Transplantation Service. He has received contracts, grants, and research awards from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, Roche Molecular Systems, Harvard Biotechnology, National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, and more.

View Dr. See’s Curriculum Vitae

I have seen first hand, the deadly consequences of the emergence of flesh-eating super-germs, now resistant to most of the antibiotics which were once successfully used against them. The abuse, unnecessary use and overuse of antibiotics over the years, have contributed to this life threatening development. Many infections and illnesses, including cancer, develop because of immune system failure, resulting from many day to day factors, several of which are preventable. One thing we can all do however, is to boost our immune system to help protect, defend and help our body to heal itself. I have listened to the testimonials of several healthy as well as health challenged individuals, who have used the Transfer Factors™ and other 4Life Research™ products. Their stories and the dramatic improvement in the quality of their lives generate excitement. I believe that 4LifeTransfer Factor™ and Transfer Factor Plus™ are true immune system modulators. I have decided not only to use 4Life Research™ products, but also to tell others about them.
Magnus ‘T. ibn Ale, M.D., C.M.

Magnus is a naturalized Canadian-American. He graduated with B.Sc. (Honors); and M. D.,C. from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After one year of general internship, Magnus did 4 years of residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He became a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (M.R.C.O.G.), London, England; and also a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (F.A.C.O.G.). He has practiced his profession for some 25 years.

“Our company has proven itself to be a company that provides sound dietary supplements, in keeping with the latest research. This committment to providing revolutionary natural products is one that I am excited to help develop. I am particularly struck with the potential that exists for the transfer factor. transfer factor is today where vitamins and herbs were 15 years ago. What a great opportunity is in store for those who get involved now!”
Dr. Calvin McCausland.

Dr. McCausland comes to our company with 22 years of experience in the network marketing and nutritional supplement industries. During that time, he supervised the creation or reformulation of over 350 supplements. He is an internationally known lecturer and has visited 53 countries in the world. In October 1997 Dr. McCausland became the first and only American to be elected a member and academician in the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Science. In March of 1999 he was awarded the national Kosigen award. The award recognizes the most significant contribution that will impact the future economy of Russia in the areas of science and medicine.
**The above individual is a paid staff member.

“Transfer factor is the most exciting product for the immune system that I’ve seen in my eighteen years of practicing medicine. It has literally revolutionized my practice, particularly in terms of chronic diseases.”
Kenneth Singleton, MD, MPH
**The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.

“Transfer factor is the gift from nature that supplies the essential tools for the regulation of our immune systems, in order to properly address the challenges we face in today’s toxic world. transfer factor provides the body with an arsenal of defense, unleashing the true power of the immune system.”
June Ferrari, ND, CNC

“The immunity provided by transfer factor is long lived and can help all ages who are suffering from a variety of ailments or those who want to stay well.” Richard Bennett, PhD

Dr. Bennett is an Infectious Disease Microbiologist & Immunologist, who is enjoying retirement from a 21-year career with the University of California where he specialized in food and water quality and safety. He received his Doctorate in Comparative Pathology from the University of California, Davis. He has an extensive background in milk quality and disease control, water resource policy, food safety, public policy of natural resources, etc. He has also served as an advisor for the FDA and USDA.
**The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.

“A while ago I came down with a summer cold. I got a runny nose and a sore throat, and then my next order of transfer factor arrived. I decided I would take nothing else. In a 24-hour time period I felt great! I had no symptoms. It was like I’d never had a cold. It was very exciting for me to experience that firsthand. Quite frankly, I’ve never had an immune boosting experience like I had with transfer factor. It’s just remarkable. I think every chiropractor should know about this product and I think people should be telling their friends about this. If for no other reason you should have it in your medicine chest for when you need a immune system boost or modulation.”
Dr. Gary Haagen
Disclaimer:We cannot confirm this testimony as being truthful or accurate. At this time we do not have enough scientific evidence, according to FDA guidelines, to imply that these results are typical. We suggest that you do not consider these results typical. If you suffer from an illness it is our suggestion that you consult a medical doctor and please do not replace medication for the use of our product without being under the care of a medical professional.

“The immune system is an important aspect of bringing balance to the body, and specifically, to someone who has autism. Transfer factors can be very effective because they have been shown to both boost and suppress the immune system. Because transfer factor can function as an immune system modulator, it can help to restore immune system balance in many types of clinical situations.” Kenneth Bock, MD, best selling author on immune system modulation.
Kenneth Bock

Dr. Bock is a physician who is renowned for his integrated approach to health and wellness. For the past 17 years he has integrated alternative modalities with conventional medicine into what he calls Progressive Medicine. He is the co-author of two books: The Road to Immunity and Natural Relief for your Child’s Asthma. Dr. Bock recently conducted an important study on the use of Transfer Factor with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders.
**The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.

“When infants are nursed they are 17 times less likely to become seriously ill. Today we understand the science behind this dramatic display of wellness. We understand that the newborn’s immune system is jump started with mom’s immune history via her transfer factors. Transfer factor is our tool to jumpstart our immune systems.”
Suzette Lawrence, CNM
**The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.

“As a medical professional and pharmacist, I have been exposed to a great number of medical drugs and nutrients. I am convinced that the benefits produced by transfer factor and transfer factor plus far exceed any substance that I have ever been exposed to. I have assumed the mission to take this to the world. Everyone should be on these products.”
Bob Kononiuk R.Ph.

“Transfer factor is in the same class as the most potent vitamins. When do you need it? You need it all the time. And who needs it? Actually, everyone. Not only you as an adult, but also your children and pets. And it’s safe. I have not documented one single side effect related to the use of transfer factor.”
Vivienne Matalon, M.D. **The above individual is an unpaid member of the 4Life Medical Advisory Board.

“Through 4Life™, I have been very fortunate to place fibromyalgia patients on our protocol throughout North America. Transfer factors are remarkable because the recovery process has been expedited greatly. Now that we have transfer factors, we are getting even better results, especially with the more chronic stages and conditions of the syndrome. The executives and scientists behind this company and product have impeccable credentials. I consider it a tremendous honor and privilege to be a small part of this wonderful 4Life™ effort that is effectively putting lives and families back together worldwide.”
Joe Elrod, Ph.D.

Dr. Elrod received his Doctoral Degree in the field of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. For fifteen years, he served as a professor at Auburn University. He has done extensive research in the field of fibromyalgia and is the author of the best-selling book Reversing Fibromyalgia. He has served as a member of many boards and committees, including Programs for Exceptional Children and American Alliance for Health.

“I have had diabetes for 38 of my 49 years and I’ve had kidney disease since 1986. In August of 1999, I went for my quarterly blood test for my kidneys. The physician called me after the test was taken and said, “Not only are your kidneys functioning well, after fourteen years, their function has improved dramatically.” My BUN (blood urea nitrogen) was near normal after fourteen years of it being almost twice as high as it should be because my kidneys weren’t filtering well. The only supplemental change in my life was transfer factor. Only once in my life did I endorse a product. I’ve been on an insulin pump for seven years, and I’ve allowed my name, face, and testimony to be used nationally. This is the second time, and it took alot to convince me. Not only are my kidneys working great, but this is the first year in sixteen years that I haven’t gotten a flu shot or gotten the flu or bronchitis”
Marc H. Blatstein

Marc H. Blatstein is the Former President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
Disclaimer: We cannot confirm this testimony as being truthful or accurate. At this time we do not have enough scientific evidence, according to FDA guidelines, to imply that these results are typical. We suggest that you do not consider these results typical. If you suffer from an illness it is our suggestion that you consult a medical doctor and please do not replace medication for the use of our product without being under the care of a medical professional.



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